Atlantic Cabinets

IP40-IP65 Steel Distribution Cabinets

The Atlantic cabinets models consist of an assembly of steel casing with the purpose of creating low-voltage electrical distribution switchboards. This product line portrays an innovative aesthetics that goes beyond the quality and security concepts that are required in the every-day-demanding market.

IDE has a large catalog with numerous models to offer the possibility to create customized electric switchboards: surface mount cabinets, built-in cabinets, enclosed cabinets, with opaque or transparent doors, with an extensive modular capacity, with linking structures… Due to its manufacture is made of high-quality materials, and a fast and simple assembly system, they allow to provide a total functionality and to integrate them into any electric switchgear model.

Propace provides IDE Atlantic Cabinets.

Technical Data of Atlantic Cabinets

  • Degree of protection:
    • Combinable surface cabinets without door: IP30
    • Combinable surface cabinets with a door: IP40
    • Compact surface cabinets: IP40
    • Compact surface cabinets: IP65
    • Flush-fit cabinets: IP40
  • Resistance to impact:
    • Combinable surface cabinets without door: IK07
    • Surface and flush-fit cabinets with a transparent door: IK09
    • Surface and flush-fit cabinets with an opaque door: IK10
  • Ambient temperature range: -25ºC / +40ºC
  • Maximum temperature for sealing gasket: 80ºC
  • Maximum temperature for epoxy-polyester paint: 125ºC


  • According to low tension directive 2014/35/EU
    Norm: UNE-EN 62208