Argenta Plus Cabinets

The Argenta Plus Cabinets by IDE are IP55 Steel floor-standing cabinets meant for the more professional market, all made of the highest quality materials and come in versions like opaque and transparent doors reaching a height of up to 220mm.

The interior profiling, patented, gives the cabinet the necessary stability to large joints. With the possibility of installing any type of electric switchgear, this model is made to increase the maximum versatility.

Propace sells Argenta Plus cabinets manufactured by IDE.

Technical Data of Argenta Plus Cabinets

  • Degree of protection:
    • Single-door cabinets: IP55 / NEMA 1, 12.
    • Doble-door cabinets: IP55 / NEMA 1, 12.
  • Resistance to impact:
    • Body and opaque doors: IK10.
    • Transparent doors: IK09.
  • Ambient temperature range: -25ºC / +40ºC.
  • Corrosion resistance: C4-M.
  • Maximum temperature for sealing gasket: 80ºC.
  • Maximum temperature for polyester paint: 125ºC.


  • According to low tension directive 2014/35/EU
  • Norms: UNE-EN 62208 and UNE-EN 61439-1 (in the affected part)
  • Certificate UL508A (FSC and ENL versions)