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All our equipment and services have the support and warranty from our product manufacturers.

Our personnel is properly trained by the manufacturers to do any machine or equipment revision.

The equipment offered by Propace Engineering S.A. are brand new and have not been rebuilt or previously used, unless otherwise specified in a quotation or invoice. This will be duly certified by the manufacturer and by Propace Engineering S.A.

The following points summarize the warranty policy for the products offered by Propace Engineering S.A.:

  1. The warranty period for each product is that indicated in the offer, quotation or estimate sent to the customer, which is the one offered by the manufacturers. The period indicated on the sales invoice replaces the one on the quotation.
  2. The warranty starts at the moment the good is delivered.
  3. If the warranty period is not indicated, it is understood a validity of 30 according to the laws in Costa Rica.
  4. The manufacturer’s warranty policies prevail, so in the event that any of the points in this document conflict with those of the manufacturer, those of the manufacturer will prevail.
  5. In the case of promotional products, the warranty will be that indicated on the sale label of the product or promotion or quotation.
  6. Clearance products do not have a warranty, they must be tested and examined before delivery to ensure their functionality and operation.
  7. In the case of electronic products, these must be tested in front of the client before their sale, in case the client does not want to wait the necessary time to carry out the test, the product cannot be claimed under warranty.
  8. Electronic products must be installed by certified and trained personnel, in case it is installed by non-qualified or certified personnel, the warranty will be void.
  9. The client must transport the faulty equipment to our warehouses, where the respective work order will be assigned for review and diagnosis. As transfers of personnel or equipment are not covered in the guarantee, if transfers or transports are required, these will be quoted and approved or canceled by the client before making the visit to the site or performing the transportation.
  10. The warranty will apply for the replacement of those parts, which, once inspected by our technicians, show that their failure was initially due to a manufacturing defect or due to the materials used in the new equipment. It is also understood that this warranty does not covers burns, breakage or other failures that occur if equipment is used in any manner other than their intended purpose or abused or if they are modified, altered or taken apart; as well as normal wear of the equipment or due to natural disasters.
  11. The warranty does not apply if:
  • If the preventive maintenance indicated in the equipment manuals is not carried out.
  • The time (or hours of operation) of the offered warranty has elapsed.
  • Repairs have been made to the equipment by personnel other than Propace Ing. S.A., unless consent is given in writing by Propace Engineering S.A. management.
  • The installed equipment is used for purposes other than the intended, without observing the instructions for use and specifications.
  • The equipment has been operated improperly or its normal operation has been altered.
  • The equipment is transported at the expense and risk of the recipient (distributor or customer) and damage attributable to its handling and transportation occurs.
  • There is normal wear of parts and damage due to atmospheric phenomena, fortuitous event or force majeure.


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