Engine Controllers

ComAp’s engine controllers have a proven track record of working in the most demanding environments such as mining, marine, agriculture and general industry.

InteliDrive controllers deliver unparalleled advantages in command, control, protection, and communication of electronic or mechanical diesel engines and electrical motors.

The ComAp range of controllers offers solutions for different applications:



  • auxiliary engines
  • propulsion motors
  • emergency engines

Land based Platforms

  • irrigation pumps
  • fire pumps
  • compressors
  • crushers
  • screeners
  • electrical motors



controles motores flx

Intelidrive FLX

Although it is the simplest family of ComAp motor controllers, it has numerous functions and adjustable parameters depending on the type of engine and application. Remote communication and monitoring systems can be selected to control and receive notifications of alarms or equipment operation.

ComAp has different controllers for applications like:

  • Fire pumps,
  • Wet applications with IP65 protection
  • Electric motors with direct start, Y-D start, soft starter or variable speed driver function.
  • Irrigation pumps
  • Industrial machines
  • Marine Engines
controles motores DCU

Intelidrive DCU

InteliDrive DCU has several certifications like EN, UL, CSA, NFPA. With advanced features for complex applications where custom programming is required. Its built-in PLC allows the user to perform almost any function with the controller, and its extensive binary and analogue I/O´s and configurations allow the ID DCU to be used in any combustion engine application.

Available versions are:

controles motores mobile

Intelidrive Mobile

Controllers for off-road vehicle applications, designed for harsh environments with a completely environmentally sealed (IP67) housing and cable connector. It has functions to control and protect the engine, hydraulic systems, compressors and/or auxiliary pumps in construction and/or mining machinery. Equipped with GPS for fleet monitoring.

  • ID-Mobile Controller: Complete controller with inputs and outputs to control and monitor the machine.
  • ID-Mobile Logger data logger: Device with inputs to monitor and track diesel engines and peripheral equipment of Off-road vehicles; with a memory for 524,000 records, GSM/GPS and Geolocation.
controles motores Gabinete

Enclosed Solution

The Inteli Drive IPC controller comes ready to be connected to your irrigation pump, pre-wired and provided with standard “Deutsch Connector” type quick couplings in a polycarbonate enclosure sealed against the environment (IP67) that ensures a long life for the controller.

controles motores Bi Fuel costa rica

Bi-Fuel (Diesel-Gas) Controllers

Where gas (natural, LPG or BioGas) is available, a diesel engine can be converted to work with a mixture that will prioritize running on gas. This system is recommended for diesel engines with capacities of 250kW and above, in places where the availability of gas is not a limitation.