Preventive and Corrective Maintenance

Equipment Maintenance

Propace provides preventive and corrective maintenance service for all its equipment and machines to keep them in good shape to assure the highest performance.

Our maintenance services include the following equipment:

  • Electric generators and power plants
  • Diesel and Electric Engines
  • Synchronous and asynchronous alternators
  • Electric Control Systems and automatization
  • Automatic transfers
  • Electrical Substations
  • Lightning rods, ground systems and power protection

Among the maintenance services where Propace makes a difference are:

  1. Engine
    • Load bench testing
    • Coolant testing and thermostat replacement
    • Oil analysis
    • Radiator pressure tests
  2. Tank
    • Tank cleaning
    • Fuel recirculation
    • Application of algae/fungus and moisture removal chemicals
  3. Alternador
    • Insulation testing
    • Load bank testing
    • Change of roles
    • Diode measurement
    • Washing, drying, and varnishing
    • Rotor balancing
  4. Batteries and charger 
    • Specific gravity measurement
    • Discharge test (only on request, not recommended as it is destructive)
    • Float voltage adjustment


    The preventive maintenance for electric diesel power plants includes the Tank Cleaning

    Costa Rica is a tropical country which means that this directly affects your electric generator units since the tanks accumulate condensate water and the collected condensed water that can reach the fuel injection of combustion engines.

    Moreover, the combustibles come already contaminated with residues and solid particles that in combination with water can allow the algae and bacteria to grow which can get stuck in the standard ducts and fuel filters.

    With our tank cleaning service, we are able to eliminate the contamination in 99%, so schedule a preventive maintenance of your electric generator units with our customer service today and include the tank cleaning!



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