Atlantic Plus Cabinets

IP40-IP55 Steel Distribution Cabinets

The Atlantic Plus cabinets are made to meet the demands of big installations that because of its construction characteristics, they require a specific type of cabinet with middle installed capacities, a large modular capacity and with aesthetics in mind.

There are two versions of these cabinets: IP40- Compact IP55 and have a height of 2110 mm and a capacity of 192 up to 288 modules. Meant for public locations such as service aisles at malls, hospitals, hotels, high schools, etc.

Propace provides Atlantic Plus cabinets manufactured by IDE.

Technical Data of Atlantic Plus Cabinets

  • Degree of protection:
    • Combinable surface enclosures: IP40
    • Compact surface cabinets: IP55
  • Resistance to impact:
    • Opaque door: IK10
    • Transparent door: IK09
  • Ambient temperature range: -25 ºC / +40 ºC
  • Maximum temperature for sealing gasket: 80ºC
  • Maximum temperature for epoxy-polyester paint: 125ºC


  • According to low tension directive 2014/35/EU.
  • Norm: UNE-EN 62208.