Hybrid Control Panels

Our hybrid control panels consist of a ComAp Intelisys-Hybrid or Inteligen500-Microgrid intelligent control and several TERASAKI motorized circuit breakers, all housed inside an IDE metal cabinet, with anti-seismic, marine and electromagnetic compatibility certifications, among others.


A Micro-Grid is a self-sufficient energy system for a specific geographic area, such as a hotel, a hospital, an educational center, a farm, a shopping mall or a neighborhood.

The Micro-Grid is composed of several types of distributed energy (solar panels, wind turbines, generator sets, among others), where each one "produces" (transforms) and contributes its energy to the system. Currently, Micro-Grids have added energy storage systems (batteries), and can also be interconnected to the Commercial Grid if it exists.

The buildings and other equipment within the Micro-Grid area receive the necessary electrical energy to operate, and in some cases this provides heating or cooling to the users, by means of intelligent control systems such as our ComAp Intelisys Hybrid or Inteligen 500 Microgrid equipment.

A Microgrid must meet three main characteristics:

  1. It covers only a localized and specific area: the energy produced in the Micro-Grid is used only for users close to it.
  2. The Micro-Grid is independent: It does not depend on the external Commercial Grid to supply all the energy demand, which can be produced for different sources: Solar panels, wind turbines, genset, batteries, etc.
  3. The Micro-Grid is intelligent: they are systems operated by an intelligent controller that manages all the sources: generator, wind turbines, solar panels, batteries, etc. This controller will be in charge of supplying the energy demand in the most efficient way possible, combining the following objectives:
    1. Lower production cost,
    2. Maximize the use of renewable or green energies,
    3. Greater reliability and stability of the system.

Propace Ingeniería S.A., can supply a Micro-Grid system for different applications and capacities, with small powers from several tens of kilowatts [kW], to large systems with powers that can reach megawatts [MW].

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InteliGen 500 Microgrid schemeIS hybrid scheme

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