Single gen-set controllers

Controllers to monitor and protect one generator set (engine and alternator) in manual or automatic start applications, and with circuit breaker control for load transfer.

Different accessories and monitoring systems can be integrated, and in some cases their capabilities can be expanded by adding expansion modules.

You can choose between the two families of single controllers: InteliLite and InteliNano.

Propace has several types of simple ComAp branded controllers available.


These are the simplest controllers that provide protection, monitoring and control of small generators at a low cost.

  • InteliNano MRS 3
  • InteliNanoNT Plus

InteliNano NT Plus


Equipment that provides greater flexibility in its programming, generating a greater advantage for specific applications. They have the capacity of remote communication that allows service technicians to attend any failure immediately, saving time and money to the user.

  • InteliLite 4 MRS 16
  • InteliLite 4 AMF 8
  • InteliLite 4 AMF 9
  • InteliLite 4 AMF 20
  • InteliLite 4 AMF 25

InteliLite 4 AMF 25