Moulded Case Circuit Breakers (MCCBs)

The Moulded Case Circuit Breakers (MCCBs) by Terasaki have a direct opening action – recommended by IEC standards for machinery safety – is a feature of most models. A unique safety lock system for plug-in MCCBs ensures that the MCCB cannot carry current while being fitted or removed.

Contrarily to our competitors, our products use the same accessories from 12 to 16 A.

Contact with thermo-magnetic adjustable electronic equipment.

Propace offers moulded case circuit breakers (MCCBs) from Terasaki.

Reasons to Use Moulded Case Circuit Breakers

Electronic Versions with integrated monitoring and communication

Data can be sent to integrated display, local display and Modbus network simultaneously.

Smaller 1000A MCCB

It is only 273mm high and 210mm wide - same size as 800A MCCB.

Superior temperature performance

We offer MCCBs for use up to 50°C without derating from 20A to 1600A.

Circuit breaker with integral residual current protection (CBRs)

We offer integrated protection from earth leakage faults, overloads and short-circuits in one device.

Direct opening action

The robust mechanism ensures that the force you apply to the toggle is transmitted directly to the contacts. The direct opening action is recommended by IEC 60204-1, Safety of Machinery: Electrical Equipment for Machinery.


Terasaki MCCBs Accessories