Total Ground Lightning Rods

Lightning rods are devices that prevent the inductions caused by atmospheric discharges from jeopardizing the human life or damaging the electric system based equipment. We provide all the accessories, from the lightning rod tops and supporting tower up to the earthing electrode.

Besides, wire trays, middle and end clamps, bars, etc.

Before acquiring any lightning rods, you should take into consideration:

  • Protection Area (have in mind the circular area or protection diameter).
  • Height of the highest element inside the protection area or nearby (tree, aerial, floor, rooftop, structure, etc.).
  • Lightning strike frequency in the area (high or low).

Propace offers electric protection products like lightning rods manufactured by Total Ground.

Electric Power Protection Equipment


The functioning principle of an early streamer emission lightning rod with a piezoelectric device is based on the air emission from the top with free ions to make the crown effect be more prominent in the top. The piezoelectric system is the responsible for generating the necessary potential difference to ionize the air that goes through the collector top. This piezoelectric system is favored by the atmospheric conditions of an electrical storm.

Faraday Cage

It is a passive system that protects against atmospheric discharges. This system is used mainly for industrial purposes. It is required to make a design and specific calculations to be able to determine how many tops are necessary for an appropriate and complete protection.

Lightning Rod System KDA-0(1, 3, 5)

It is a protection system against electrical storms (PSAES). It can intercept, conduct, and dissipate lightning's current and interior elements through joinnts, shield and protective earth. The purpose of a PASAES is to reduce the damage risk for both people and other living beings, as well as frameworks, buildings and its content.

Characteristics KDA 05 KDA 03 KDA 01
Lightning Top 25.5x23cm 25.5X23cm 20.5x13cm
TG-700 Electrode 180x63cm 67x63cm 67x17cm
LCR Filter 30x10cm 20x10cm 14.5cm
TGC02 Coupler 40x30x20cm 40x30x20cm 30x20x12cm
H2Ohm 11kg     (8u) 11kg    (4u) 11kg  (1u)
Pole c/isolator 1.20m 1.20m 1.20m

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