Other Terasaki Products

Propace has other Terasaki products available for Costa Rica such as:

  • Prefabricated Electric Channeling
  • Electrical Design Software
  • Protection or Measurement Systems
  • Earth Leakage Protection Relays

Propace also has other Terasaki products.

Prefabricated Electric Channeling

  • From 25A up to 5000A in copper or aluminum.
  • For industrial, commercial and residential purposes.
  • For indoors (IP55) or outdoors (IP66).
  • For use in direct current or alternating current.

Electrical Design Software

TemCurve Lite is Terasaki's FREE circuit breakers selectivity software. It includes numerous NEW and IMPROVED features not available in earlier versions. Terasaki products are represented on some of the industry's market leading electrical software packages. Our investment in these software packages allows Terasaki customers to make the most of our products.

Protection or Measurement Systems

Network multimeters y analyzers. For more information, please check out the PDF (page 13) in the Leaflet tab.

Other Terasaki Products

Monitoring and Communication: T2ED

T2ED is a new Terasaki external display for TemPower 2 ACBs and TemBreak 2 MCCBs with integrated communication options. It displays circuit measurements and information about the installed breaker in an easily readable way.

T2ED may be used as a standalone local display. T2ED is also able to transfer all this information directly to a Modbus network.

Earth Leakage Protection Relays

Terasaki TemProtect monitoring and control devices provide earth leakage protection and monitoring for most industrial and commercial applications. They are used to monitor earth currents to protect electrical equipment and personnel against dangers such as electric faults.