Cabur Automation Products

To build an electrical panel requires not only proper design, but also the right devices and internal products to distribute and control the power as intended by the designer.

CABUR offers solutions for your electrical panel:

  • Connections for electrical panels:

CABUR's terminal blocks provide the highest quality required for panel builders (control or power distribution), using state-of-the-art technology, recognized for its reliability even in extreme conditions.

Solutions for Automation and Electrical Control

Electronic products certified by International Certification Bodies, for the automation of machines, process control and electrical panels:

  • DIN-rail switching power supplies
  • Signal converters,
  • galvanic isolators,
  • electromechanical relay modules,
  • solid state relay modules, 
  • battery chargers, 
  • Modbus I/Os and Ethernet switches

Industrial Marking Systems

Cabur meet the most varied needs of professional marking in the electrical field, using Thermal Transfer technology, a system that ensures great labeling precision in an extremely short time, which complies with the requirements of every electrical code and that provides indelible markings on materials. The Marking Pro XT software will allow you to label your equipment, wires, cables, accessories and other components of an electromechanical installation, with almost any kind of character:

  • Alphanumeric Codes
  • Files and/or logos of your brand
  • Identification plates
  • barcodes
  • QR codes

Solutions for energy transition (photovoltaic and others)

To make connections in photovoltaic systems safely, it is necessary to use products with certain technical characteristics and that comply with specific standards for these applications.

CABUR connectors allow you to create these connections in a simple and effective way, in addition, the surge protection devices (SPD) guarantee safety when used with inverters and power distribution equipment.

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