Bumblebee Power Generators

FIRMAN’s new line of Bumblebee: Exclusive Firman® brand generators, built with Firman® engine and alternator. Cabinets ensure protection against dust and water ingress and exceed the strictest standards relevant to emissions and noise levels. Capacities from 8 to 240kW in prime duty. Enclosure with enhanced noise attenuation for ultra-quiet operation and a base with the ability to collect up to 110% of the total engine fluids, ensuring leak retention.

Product Features

FIRMAN’s new line of Bumblebee power generators ranging from 10 to 275kva. The generators are purpose-designed to be durable, compact, and easy to use. The Bumblebee series is a result of FIRMAN’s innovation to deliver what our customers are demanding.

Cleaner, Safer and Quieter waterproof canopy ensures protection against ingress of dust and water.

All FIRMAN generators meet or exceed relevant standards for noise and emission legislation.