Mains Protection Modules

A family of mains protection modules that provide the necessary protection functions to meet the requirements of all applications where generators operate in parallel with the mains.

The mains protection controllers are protections modules in all applications where generators operate in parallel with the mains.

Electric power distribution companies require them to avoid alterations or perturbations in voltage and frequency that provide to the mains network, and to be in compliance with standards, to prevent generator damages and to protect their users from the distribution network.

Propace offers mains protection modules (InteliPro family controllers) from ComAp.

InteliPro Controllers

InteliPro is a highly flexible interconnection/mains decoupling protective relay. It is applicable for G59/2, IEEE 1547 requirements, and with extensive protective functions, it meets the strictest utility interconnection requirements and can be used in wide ranges of distributed generation applications such as Photovoltaic, Wind, Fuel Cell, Bio Mass, Combined Heat and Power, etc.

Protection Modules Mains InteliPro

InteliPro Sync

InteliPro SYNC is a highly reliable protection relay designed for synchronization in parallel to mains applications, such as generators, gen-sets and cogeneration units connected to a distribution network. InteliPro SYNC is an ideal substitute for manual synchronizing relay.

Protection Modules Mains InteliPro


MainsPro is a protection relay for parallel to the mains applications, including generator sets, cogeneration, micro turbines or renewable energy sources such as photovoltaic plants, small hydro-power plants or wind turbines.

Protection Modules MainsPro

MainsPro Lite

MainsPro Lite combines simple installation and usability with valuable mains protection.

This product offers essential protection for preventing the supplying of power into an islanded grid and is an attractive choice when vector shift and frequency rate change of frequency protections are not required. It represents a cost-effective solution for mains connected applications including gen-sets and renewable energy sources. It brings to the customers smart solution to installations where preferably voltage and frequency protections are requested.

Protection Modules MainsPro Lite