Industrial Engine Controllers

These industrial engine controllers are designed for diverse applications in which an electric or combustion engine is used, such as:

  • Water or fluid pumps
  • Air compressors
  • Fire pumps
  • Marine Engines
  • Cranes
  • Belt conveyors
  • Building-site and agricultural machines

Propace has several types of controllers for industrial engines (Drives) from ComAp brand.

Industrial Engine Controller Types

InteliDrive Nano

InteliDrive Nano is a cost effective engine controllers, which feature outstanding control, monitoring and protection for electronic and conventional diesel/gas engines. The controllers are suitable for pumps, compressors etc.  InteliDrive Nano WP is an  impermeable version of this controller.

InteliDrive Lite

The InteliDrive Lite is a cost-effective and sophisticated engine controller, which features outstanding control, monitoring, and protection for both mechanical and electronic diesel/gas engines, all in one unit. The extended product family offers a range of engine-specific versions suitable for land-based and marine Tier 4 applications.

industrial engine controller intelidrive lite

InteliDrive Lite EM

The InteliDrive Lite EM is an integrated control solution for Single or Three phase AC electric motors. It allows operation of the motor either manually, remotely or automatically.

Industrial Engine Controller Intelidrive Lite Em

InteliDrive Lite FPC

InteliDrive Lite FPC (Fire Pump Controller) is modular engine controller designed for diesel driven fire pumps applications based on the NFPA 20 standard. Manual operation allows the diesel engine to be started using local buttons on the fascia of the controller or by external buttons on the control panel. Automatic mode of operation provides starting by a remote digital input switch or system pressure switch.

Industrial Engine Controller Intelidrive

InteliDrive DCU Marine

The InteliDrive DCU Marine is an engine controller specifically designed to meet the demanding requirements of the marine market. The unit provides a high level of performance with extensive communications and safety functions, as well as primary/ secondary power switching.

Industrial Engine Controller Intelidrive DCU Marine

This controller type is approved by all major marine classification societies.

Approved by all major marine classification societies