Generator Set Controllers

ComAp controllers are easy to operate, fully programmable to be used in any brand of generator, electrical power plant or generator set. Different designs from the simplest controller  (to control and protect a single gen-set) to very sophisticated PLC (to manage parallel systems of generators).

ComAp controllers have the best remote monitoring options in the world, which facilitate the maintenance and detection of equipment faults located in remote sites. In addition, they communicate with any computer (ECU) of the electronic engines, which makes it a necessary tool for the diagnosis.

Propace has different types of Gen-Set controllers for electric power plants and commercial networks from ComAp.

Generator Set Controllers


InteliNano NT is a cost effective diesel and gasoline generator set controller which offers outstanding protection, monitoring and control for small and middle size generator sets.

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Equipments that offer greater flexibility in their programming, generating a greater advantage for specific applications. They have the capability of remote communication that allows the technicians of service before any fault to attend to it immediately, saving time and money to the user.

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Integrated PLC

The latest generation of the InteLite family has incorporated the best functionalities such as:

  • Additional communication modules
  • PLC
  • The most robust hardware


Family of controllers designed to sync gen-sets among them, and commercial networks in an easy, fast, simple, easy, and economic way.

Power Plant Controllers InteliCompact


InteliGen controllers are designed especially to sync both single and multiple gen-sets with complex, robust and personalized applications.

Due to its different functions and extension modules and as well as its software, it allows the user to create their own systems.
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