Diesel Generator Sets

Teksan’s generator sets are built and designed to meet strict quality standards and international norms. These diesel gen sets are UL2200 certified from 9 to 1000kW and CE (IEC) certified from 9 to 2200kW.

Standard Equipment for Generator Sets


Teksan generator sets use engines of the best brands and the best technology with the electronic or mechanical governor, with precise speed adjustment and optimum design, low fuel consumption, and in accordance with the standards of ISO 8528, ISO 3046, BS 5514, DIN 6271.


Teksan's generator sets use top brand alternators, with high performance and power, of the latest technology, provided with an electronic voltage regulator that offers precise voltage regulation; with maintenance-free bearing system and in accordance with IEC 60034 -1; CEI EN 60034 -1; BS 4999-5000; v DE 0530, NF 51-100,111; Ov E M-10, NEMA MG 1.22 standards.

Control panel

The control panels used in Teksan generator sets provide comfortable and safe use. All measurements and statistical parameters, operating modes, warnings, and alarms can be easily monitored with the generator control panel. The control panel has an electronic control module and an emergency stop button on the front face. It is made of sheet steel and painted with electrostatic powder coating. Teksan, in addition to the standard quality panels, also provides panel solutions and designs depending on the customer's special request.

Bedplate and Fuel Tank

A rigid steel structure of suitable characteristics to carry the load of the generator set with anti-vibration blocks help to minimize the vibration level. All beds are equipped with lifting eyes. In addition to Teksan's standard production benches, we manufacture special solutions on customer's request, which facilitate the movement and installation. In generator sets smaller than 1600 kVA, the fuel tank is produced integrated into the frame. For generator sets larger than 1600 kVA, a larger capacity rectangular fuel tank is supplied separately. Level indicators are provided on all types of fuel tanks.

Cooling System

A system consisting of an industrial quality radiator, expansion tank, and a cooling fan that provides adequate temperature to maintain the generator in proper operating conditions.