Air-Cooled Gas Generators for Homes

Power ratings of 10, 12, 17, and 20 kW with 3600rpm engines.

Ideal for homes where the peace of mind of backup power is required to continue enjoying the comfort of your home, keep your security systems operating, or for those who prefer to work from home with the required reliability.

Propace provides home Standby Generators from Briggs & Stratton manufacturer.

Power Standby Generators for Houses

  • The home Standby Generators by Briggs & Stratton protect your home and family with a trusted backup power solution – come bad weather or blackout. Briggs & Stratton's automatic home generators continuously keep your lights, appliances, computers and other electronic devices on during a power outage.
  • A permanently installed Briggs & Stratton standby generator connects to your home’s natural gas line or liquid propane fuel source and starts with an automatic transfer switch that comes with the whole house backup generator.

How Does a Home Standby Generator Work?

A home standby generator system consists of two products: a standby generator unit and an automatic transfer switch. The two work in concert with your home to ensure when power is lost, it’s only for a matter of seconds before backup power kicks in.

A standby generator system and automatic transfer switch are professionally installed to your home’s existing wiring. Constantly at the ready, the system senses when utility power stops flowing to your home for any reason, thus sensing a power outage. Within seconds, the automatic transfer switch seamlessly transfers your home’s selected electrical circuits and appliances to backup power.

Once the generator system senses utility power is back online, your home is automatically transferred back to utility power and the standby generator is shut down until it’s needed the next time.