Accesories for ComAp Controllers

All ComAp controllers support different accessories and communication modules that allow users to achieve unlimited applications and customized requirements, thanks to the flexibility and innovation philosophy.

Communication can be done directly, via Ethernet, internet or SMS text messages, both between the user and the controllers and between controllers, achieving state-of-the-art monitoring applications, and with the highest cybersecurity standards.

Propace provides several types of accessories for ComAp controllers.

Each controller has its own intuitive, user-friendly and free configuration software, with which the user can program the protections and all the operating parameters of the equipment. We also offer software for remote online monitoring and direct monitoring from a PC, as well as design software to prepare single-line diagrams and include the necessary devices in your design of Alternating Current and/or Hybrid Systems.

WebSupervisor   WSAC

PLC Monitor

Accessories for ComAp Controllers

Remote Displays

To be used as remote local displays with a controller or in control rooms.

Communication Modules

Depending on the controller type, there are communications modules that can be added via GPRS, Internet, RS282-485.

Extension Modules

ComAp extension modules provide additional input/output functionality in order to improve the functionality of controllers.

extension modules IGS PTM