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Contactors terasaki temcontact costa rica

Terasaki Contactors

TemContact 2 Contactors


TemContact 2 is a new range of magnetic contactors and thermal overload relays. Current ratings from 6A to 800A are available in 9 frame sizes and in 3 or 4 pole versions.

TemContact 2 has upgraded insulation voltage (increased from 690 to 1000V AC) impulse withstand voltage (increased from 6 to 8kV) in contactors over 40A.


Product Description

Propace provides contactors from Terasaki manufacturer.


Optional Accessories

• Auxiliary contacts
• Surge absorption unit
• Reversing connection kit
• Mechanical interlock
• Safety cover for front of mechanism
• Overload relays
• Remote mounting kit for overload relay
• Pre-loading resistors for capacitor switching
• Mechanical latch
• Remote reset device for overload relays


Thermal Overload Relays

TK type, bimetal-style overload relays are designed to protect AC circuits and motors against overloads, phase failure, long starting times and prolonged stalling of the motor.


The protection function and trip class are Differential: 3 pole-3bimetal (heater) and trip class 20.


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