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power generators smart costa rica

Power Generators

At Propace we offer electric power generators from 7 to 3000 kVA in three different lines:

  • •  Smart
  • •  Industrial
  • •  Heavy

They utilize Perkins and Iveco engines, among others. Sanford or Mecalte alternators are used with ComAp controllers. Additionally, we have gas powered generators.


Product Description

Propace offers 3 lines of electric power generators from Grupel.

Electric Power Generator SmartRange 7-30kVA

SmartRange comprises products with appropriate characteristics to emergency applications. These devices come into operation automatically when there is a power failure, thus ensuring a competent and efficient power delivery.

Electric Power Generators

Electric Power Generator IndustrialRange 40-1250kVA

IndustrialRange of generator sets is directed at industries and it is was designed to function as the main power source (or as an emergency source) where there is no other source of energy, or when there is one, it is very frail.

Generadores Electrico Industrial Grupel

Electric Power Generator HeavyRange  600-3000kVA

The HeavyRange of our containerized diesel generators is characterized by the ability to provide low and/or medium power voltage on a continuous basis as well as act as a power source in case of emergency.

Power Generators Heavy Grupel

Grupel  Electric Power Generators