Bi-Fuel System Controllers costa rica
Bi-Fuel System Controllers costa rica
control system package bi-fuel intelibifuel
control system package bi-fuel intelibifuel denox

Bi-Fuel System Controllers

The Bi-Fuel System Controllers are designed to convert a diesel engine to a natural gas engine that consumes both oils in a proportion of up to 80% gas and 20%.



  • • Dramatically reduced operational costs
  • • Efficient and safe operation with lower emissions
  • • Longer engine life and reduced maintenance costs


Product Description

The Bi-Fuel system controllers from ComAp (InteliBifuel) have a fuel injection control system for diesel engines to add in the combustion chamber GAS fuel (natural gas, well gas, landfill gas, coal gas, propane gas, biogas and others) which provides more efficiently and economically beneficial power packages, and it is an environmentally-friendly alternative.


Features of the Bi-Fuel System Controllers

  • Remote control and monitoring via analog/GSM modem, SMS or the Internet.
  • Configurable analog inputs/output.
  • Compatible with electric engines (ECU) from any brand.
  • EN, UL, CSA, NFPA certifications.



InteliBifuel package is a fully programmable solution designed for any single speed Bi-fuel application, with its features perfectly suitable for Oil & Gas, Mining and Rental applications.

Bi-Fuel System Controllers


InteliBiFuel 2 and InteliBifuel 20

InteliBifuel 2 is a control system package which will enable 4 stroke diesel engines, generating sets or pumps to operate on Bi-fuel/dual-fuel (a mixture of 2 fuels at the same time).

Control System Package Bi-fuel InteliBifuel   Control System Package Bi-fuel InteliBifuel Denox



InteliBifuel Controllers from ComAp