Automatic Transfer Switch Controllers
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Automatic Transfer Switch Controllers

Automatic Transfer Switch Controllers

The ComAp ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch Controller) control products InteliATSNT STD and PWR are designed to monitor the AC mains supply for under / over voltage, under / over frequency and voltage unbalance and forward a start command on detection of mains supply disproportion. The family of models provides a wide choice of control features and user configurability options.

In the case of any mains supply disproportion it will send a remote start command to the generating set and make change over for both generator and mains contactors. The gen-set requires a remote start type control unit (e.g. the ComAp InteliLiteNT MRS 10 controller).

Both InteliATSNT controllers are easy to use with an intuitive user interface and graphic display. The PWR model also features a built-in event and performance log with backed-up real time clock making troubleshooting even simpler.

Product Description

Propace offers several types of automatic transfer switch controllers from ComAp.


Automatic Transfer Switch Controllers ComAp



Designed to constantly monitor the alternating current supply from the main source that, in the case of mains failure, it sends a remote start command to the standby gen-set.

It is important to say that it is possible to schedule an energy source transfer from one source to another via:

  • Open delayed transition
  • Closed transition
  • Open in phase transition


And the PWR version, it allows to monitor and measure the power parameters, power factor, electric consumption and an event history.


In the STD version, it allows to monitor voltage and frequency.




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