Air Circuit Breakers acbs costa rica
Air circuit breakers terasaki costa rica
Medium Air circuit breakers costa rica
Air circuit breakers terasaki costa rica

Air Circuit Breakers (ACBs)

The air circuit breakers from Terasaki are unique with double opening and closing coils and go from 800 to 3300A.


Certified equipment for marine usage:

  • •  They support higher temperatures.
  • •  They support higher humidity levels.
  • •  They support higher vibrations.


Product Description

Propace offers air circuit breakers (ACBs) from Terasaki. These breakers are unique in the market with a temperature monitoring system in the contacts.

Other features of Terasaki Air Circuit Breakers

  • They provide an exhaustive and redundant control system for maximum reliability in critic charges.
  • The only one with a double opening and closing coils.
  • Faster and more secure interruption since the tension is isolated on both sides of the breaker.
  • Easy maintenance, connection clamps and main contacts on their own breaker and no on the frame which allows easy replacements and maintenance without the need to disconnect the transformer of the substation.

Reasons to use ACBs TemPower2

Double opening and closing coils

Double Opening and Closing Coils provides extended control system redundancy to an ACB. Double coils allow designers to implement back-up tripping and closing systems. It provides the end-user with ultimate reliability on critical UPS circuits connected to critical loads.


Fast interruption by unique “Double Break” system*

The unique “DoubleBreak” main contact system ensures extremely fast interruption of short-circuit currents and substantially reduces main contact wear. The internally symmetrical “DoubleBreak” structure means the moving contact is isolated from the supply voltage even when the ACB is reverse connected. TemPower 2 ACBs up to 4000A use DoubleBreak technology.


Easy Maintenance

The unique design of TemPower 2 incorporates its isolating clusters and main contacts on the ACB body. The main contacts and isolating clusters may be maintained without having to isolate the switchboard.


Replacement of the main contacts*

The fixed and moving contacts can easily be replaced in the field, thus prolonging the life on the circuit breaker. Changing each pole takes around 15 minutes.

*Not available on AR6




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Air Circuit Breakers (ACBs)