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Accesories for ComAp Controllers

ComAp has a series of accessories for its controllers, some of them are distributed by Propace Ingeniería S.A. such as:


Remote Displays: InteliVision 5, InteliVision 8, InteliVision 8 Marine, InteliVision 17Touch

Communication Modules: IL-NT-GPRS, IB-Lite, I-LB +, Internet Bridge-NT, among others.

Extension Modules: IGS-PTM, IL-NT BIO8, IG-IOM, among others.


Product Description

Propace provides several types of accessories for ComAp controllers.


Accessories for ComAp Controllers


Remote Displays

To be used as remote local displays with a controller or in control rooms.


Communication Modules

Depending on the controller type, there are communications modules that can be added via GPRS, Internet, RS282-485.

Extension Modules

ComAp extension modules provide additional input/output functionality in order to improve the functionality of controllers.

extension modules IGS PTM



Accesories: Remote displays



Accesories: Communication Modules

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