Propace Ingeniería S.A. Costa Rica

We are a consulting, distribution, construction, retailing and technical service company on integral solutions for low voltage electric power control, distribution, and generation, from the project concept itself (design) to the culmination (construction) of the project.



  • Equipment Update/Replacement

    We update, replace and rebuilt old machines: generators, motopumps, and fire fighting pumps.

  • Remote Monitoring

    We install control and remote monitoring systems to manage, monitor and notify of any alarm or event that occurs to your equipment.

  • Power Plants for Rent

    We provide power plants with single and three-phase distribution systems for rent especially used for events, shops, or industries.

  • Maintenance

    Preventive and corrective maintenance service for equipment and machines to assure the highest performance.

  • Training

    We provide training and courses to prepare technicians, engineers, mechanics and electricians on power plant maintenance and industrial control (machine update).

  • Other Services

    We offer other services such as generator sync/parallelism, power quality measurement, tank cleaning, governor reconstruction, etc.

Experts in Integral Electric Power Solutions

Oficinas de Propace Costa Rica
Ubicacion de Propace Costa Rica
  • Certificates

    Registered in the Costa Rican Association of Engineers and Architects (CFIA) like a consulting and constructor company. Besides, our engineers are members of their respective professional associations.

inteco iso 9001-2018

ISO 9001:2015

  • EGSA

    Active member of Electrical Generation Systems Asociation (EGSA) More

We care for our environment

We help to reduce the carbon footprint by using top-notch technology which is certified and also by providing equipment maintenance.



The brands of products

We have different brands to satisfy your needs.